If CxOs want to evolve their digital endeavours to scale, they must maximise the output of high-performance teams. There are certain attributes that build such teams and make them stand out and in particular – diversity, belonging and inclusion, can improve success, but many organisations struggle to build and foster them.

We talk about diversity a lot. We as a community WORRY about it a lot. There are lots of big problems to solve, but sometimes we are unable to act because we are overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge.

In this session, hosted by eSynergy Solutions – a techUK member – CTO Meri Williams will share her real life experiences from Monzo, P&G, Spotify, and MOO and will share:

  • How diversity improves decision making and accelerates speed of innovation
  • Creating an inclusive environment where all types of people can be successful
  • The practical steps we can take to craft space for everyone to be awesome
  • Real life examples of how diverse teams create a competitive advantage by fuelling disruptive innovation—leading to better products and solutions for customers