Hong Kong, however small, was Asia No.2 and World No. 5 in IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking in 2020.  It is fast becoming a hub for technology firms that are looking to access the massive Mainland China and Asia markets.  Hong Kong’s capacity to act as a bridge for innovative and technology (I&T) companies eyeing Asia is supported by its ease of doing business, excellent connectivity with Mainland China and the rest of the world, ample funding opportunities, deep and diverse talent pool, common law legal system and a robust intellectual property protection etc.

This free seminar is designed to help your tech business to understand the major market opportunities in Hong Kong, the advantages of using Hong Kong as an easy point of entry, steps to start, and what the available support are. 

In the panel discussion, UK’s technology companies that have expanded to Hong Kong, a Hong Kong-based VC and HSBC will discuss how to set up and raise fund in Hong Kong, market entry strategies, and how to overcome barriers.