14 June 2021 2pm – 3.30pm Roundtable Online

This is a member roundtable hosted by techUK and Ofgem, where we will be providing a briefing with the opportunity for a Q&A on the Data Best Practice (DBP) guidance and Digitalisation Strategy & Action Plan (DSAP) guidance.

The aim of this consultation is to improve the digitalisation of the energy system and ensure better use of data to create benefits for consumers and the Public Interest. Benefits will include: (i) a more efficiently planned, maintained, and operated energy system; (ii) greater visibility of, access to, and ease of use of information and insight about the energy system; and (iii) improved integration between the energy system with other national infrastructure as well as products and services from other sectors.

Ofgem is also publishing Supporting Information which is aimed at assisting practitioners to comply with both the DBP guidance and DSAP guidance. Both sets of guidance will be associated documents that RIIO-2 licensees. 

This consultation is also relevant to stakeholders of the RIIO-ED2 price control as Ofgem will use the guidance to inform their determinations for RIIO-ED2 licensees (Electricity Distribution companies).

As part of this consultation, Ofgem is proposing to establish DBP guidance and DSAP guidance as Ofgem’s data and digitalisation standards, with these to be followed by relevant licensees and by Ofgem itself.

This consultation is also seeking stakeholder views relating to the design and scope of our upcoming review of data and digital monopolies in the energy sector.

The deadline for responding to this consultation is 5pm on 24 June 2021.