What is the Hacking Child Tech event?

Hacking Child Tech seeks to stimulate horizon scanning and advance innovation related to devices, diagnostics, and digital technologies for children. Children represent an underserved population for innovation, and our pre-event seeks to stimulate ideas, creativity and collaboration in this space.

Early-life curative and preventative interventions represent an unrivalled opportunity to maximise life-course health and wellbeing, both for the individuals and the society. Yet, innovation and research for children’s health and wellbeing is substantially behind that for adults and ageing.

Who is the event for?

Those interested in the future of children's health, and innovation. This includes (but not limited to) innovation funders and entrepreneurs, developers and designers of health technology across academia, industry and business, as well as health and care professionals, researchers, decision-makers, and families.

What will Hacking Child Tech cover?

Hacking Child Tech will focus on three different areas across two days: paediatric neurological trauma; child mental health; and everyday health behaviours for children.