This Experis webinar aims to shed light on the critical theme of neurodiversity in the workplace and equip businesses with strategies to construct stronger, more inclusive talent pipelines. Recent studies, including one published in the Harvard Business Review, have highlighted the substantial benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace. And that teams with neurodivergent professionals were found to be 30% more productive than those without. With an estimated 15 to 20% of the population being neurodiverse, it is evident that a significant portion of the workforce operates outside of neurotypical ways.

This webinar seeks to empower Talent Acquisition leaders with the necessary tools to expand their talent pool and enhance team productivity through the inclusion of neurodiverse talents. And features a great panel of speakers, including:

  • Emma Grove, Strategic People Projects UK Labs, Neurodiversity Ambassador, IBM
  • Lisa Monteith, Head of Talent Acquisition, HSBC
  • Lee Coreless, Head of Global Expansion, People & Culture, Rangam Consultants Inc.
  • Moderator: Stuart Nicol, Director of Professional Staffing, Experis UK&I, ManpowerGroup