One of the most important roles the National Cyber Security Centre is to identify, monitor and analyse key cyber security threats, risks and vulnerabilities to inform how the organisation, wider government and the whole of society can keep ahead of and respond to these challenges.

Over the last year, the cyber security threat to the UK has evolved significantly. The threat from ransomware was ever present and remains a major challenge to business and public services in the UK. During 2022 NCSC’s Incident Management team have responded to and managed 18 cyber crisis events related to ransomware, that required a nationally co-ordinated response. These incidents included cyber attacks against the NHS and other critical national infrastructure companies. NCSC IM can provide technical advice & guidance, attempt to identify the attacker & likely motivation and if the compromise is likely to spread. The level of support our IM team can offer is prioritised based on overall impact on the UK’s national interests, assessed using the UK’s cyber incident categorisation framework

IM shares indicators of potential cyber-attacks through its Early Warning service.  This is a key initiative that helps you detect and address malicious cyber activity on your networks.  To find out more about how the Early Warning service we have produced this video. You can also sign up to Early Warning.

Internationally Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brought the cyber security threat into sharper focus in the UK. Since the start of 2022, NCSC has been advising UK organisations to take a more proactive approach in cyber security, in light of the situation in Ukraine. In response to significant battlefield setbacks, we have seen Russia react in unpredictable ways. We shouldn’t assume that because the conflict has played out in one way to date, that it will continue to go the same way in the future. There is still a real possibility that Russia could change its approach in the cyber domain and take more risks, which could cause more significant impacts in the UK.

The NCSC will be discussing the role of an Incident Management team and how it helps to reduce the harm caused to victims of cyber incidents. We will also be discussing the potential cyber threat from Russia and what actions organisations can take, to minimise any business disruption that may be caused should Russia escalate it’s cyber capability towards the UK.

We welcome you to attend this interactive panel discussion to hear more about the role of an Incident Management team, private sector Cyber Incident Response and the cyber threat from Russia. 

Our panel will include :