The Future of Talent – Transitioning to a skills mindset

In the UK’s dynamic jobs market, employers are continuing to grapple with the ever-changing landscape of talent acquisition, development and management. The advancement of technology such as generative AI is amplifying these challenges, causing significant skills shortages. In addition, the workforce is now embarking on a green transition, ushering in a new era where green skills take centre stage. Enter the ManpowerGroup Annual Conference, where we delve into "The Future of Talent: Transitioning to a Skills Mindset." More than a conference, this event is a crucial platform for navigating these shifts and uncovering innovative solutions for the ever-evolving world of work.

ManpowerGroup's 2024 Annual Conference will explore the vital shift towards digitising HR and embracing a skills-oriented approach for optimal talent acquisition and incorporating AI into the employment landscape. Our agenda for this year is focused on empowering employers to leverage a people-powered green transition, implementing innovative recruitment strategies and utilising data-driven insights. 

Emphasising a need for continuous learning and adaptability, the conference goes beyond talent acquisition, focusing on the increasing importance of retention. It addresses reskilling strategies to nurture existing talent, ensuring employees evolve with the changing landscape. Join us in building a future-ready workforce where retention, reskilling and recruitment align seamlessly and seize the opportunity to lead with a skills mindset. The future of talent is now!