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According to a 2017 study, robotic and Artificial Intelligence technologies could impact almost a third of UK jobs by the 2030s.

What progress has been made since this study was published? How successful has the UK been at driving inclusive automation that acts in the service of workers? What policy responses are still required to ensure these technologies provide positive outcomes for both employees and employers?

As such, our panel of speakers will:

  • Explore the current state of robotics and automation technologies in the UK (including AI and Machine Learning);
  • Ask where these technologies are (and are likely not) heading;
  • Investigate what this means for job displacement and creation across different sectors.

We will also hear from organisations pioneering the use of robotics to enhance human productivity and creativity, in particular through the deployment of collaborative robots (cobots).

Event round-up - Future Visions: Autonomous Robots

This Future Visions webinar convened world-leading engineers and businesses to discuss the latest technological advancements and opportunities for UK industry in autonomous robotics.

Watch the recording and read the key insights here.

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