Programme THEIA was established in 2020 and announced as one of the key projects contributing to Future Soldier in 2021.  Over the first two years of the programme much of the advances have been in the fixed environment supporting business and training outputs. In the interim the challenges ahead for the Army have changed, with conflict in Eastern Europe illuminating the future character of warfare.  This change led to CGS announcing Op MOBILISE which will drive near term shifts in how the Army operates, this is supported by Fd Army work under the paper How We Fight 26 (HWF 26) and Project LEWES to help experiment changes to TTP and equipment.

Prog THEIA is pivoting to support near-term changes to how we operate while maintaining a long-term view on Project WAVELL that will set the Future Soldier head mark for 2030 onwards.  In this talk Brig Crossfield will describe the nature of the new challenge and expose some of the work underway that will enable HWF 26, contribute to Pj LEWES and inform plans towards Future Soldier.


Fred Sugden

Fred Sugden

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