22 April 2021 10am – 11.30am Webinar

techUK’s Tech and Innovation programme will be partnering with the Financial Services Programme to explore the role of Intelligent Automation in Financial Services, as part of the Intelligent Automation campaign



Intelligent Automation (IA), the amalgamation of evolving, high-potential technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and end-to-end Business Process Optimization (BPO) platforms, is already a crucial tool for financial services and will become central to the industry in the coming months and years. Prior to COVID-19, IA was highlighted as a tool to enhance productivity, but the pandemic has underlined the crucial role of technology to adapt to the unprecedented.

IA has been a valuable tool for financial services, being used in a range of use cases from improving the compliance process to eliminating manual tasks such as payment processing. IA offers not only another efficiency lever, but also an opportunity to add value and drive top line growth - through the redeployment of resources and creation of new value-adding roles that can enhance cross-selling, better managing of compliance and focus on better customer services. 

As the financial sector continues to reevaluate how to minimize the impact of COVID-19 and drive digital transformation journey to improve everyday operations whilst pushing forward digital innovation, IA could be prove to be essential for developing a commercial edge, enabling the workforce to innovate and upskill, and ultimately driving more long term value for the future of the financial sector

This webinar will explore how the financial services sector has been able to lead in adoption of early IA deployments, whilst navigating how the technology sector can better meet their changing needs in the light of COVID-19. We will explore how IA can be crucial for long term, strategic transformation of the financial sector, such as in fraud detection and back-end security, with a focus on the long-term benefits for customer satisfaction and the workforce.

This webinar will seek to understand

  • Who is leading adoption of IA technologies across financial services, and what are the leading use cases
  • What are the compliance and regulatory frameworks around adoption of IA in Financial services
  • Security, privacy and building IA into business infrastructure
  • What is the role of the technology sector in helping create best practice across the financial sector in adoption of IA technologies
  • How to successfully implement a digital transformation strategy through IA
  • Future-gazing and innovative use cases.

Speakers to follow

More about techUK’s Intelligent Automation campaign

techUK, the trade association representing the UK tech industry is running an important campaign to explore how Intelligent Automation (IA) will transform the way that organisations across the public and private sector operators; and to position IA as a critical part of the UK’s digital transformation. If you would like to learn more or get involved, please do reach out!

Laura Foster

Laura Foster

Programme Manager, Technology and Innovation, techUK

Laura is techUK’s Programme Manager for Technology and Innovation.

She supports the application and expansion of emerging technologies across business, including Geospatial Data, Quantum Computing, AR/VR/XR and Edge technologies.

Before joining techUK, Laura worked internationally in London, Singapore and across the United States as a conference researcher and producer covering enterprise adoption of emerging technologies. This included being part of the strategic team at London Tech Week.

Laura has a degree in History (BA Hons) from Durham University, focussing on regional social history. Outside of work she loves reading, travelling and supporting rugby team St. Helens, where she is from.

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Hugo Rousseau

Hugo Rousseau

Programme Manager, Financial Services and Payments, techUK

Hugo joined techUK in March 2019 as the Programme Manager for Financial Services and Payments.

Before joining techUK, he worked in policy and public relations for different bodies and agencies, including the economic and financial services team of the French Prime Minister’s EU affairs department, Edelman and CMS Strategic.

Hugo holds a master’s degree in Public Affairs from Paris Sorbonne University. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and photography.

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