To book, please contact the MOD F-IUS mailbox at: [email protected]

The Future Integrated User Services (F-IUS) Programme will award contract(s) which will deliver the F-IUS services, which will be based on the requirements of the users and to realise opportunities to achieve business benefits. The Service Bundles that F-IUS will offer to Supplier(s) under the F-IUS procurement programme will be continuously developed, however the high-level services are represented below:

  1. Fixed Voice (Official, Secret and Above Secret)
  2. Mobile Voice/Data (Official)
  3. Conferencing Voice and Video (Official, Secret and Above Secret)
  4. Boundary Protection Services
  5. Service Management

The current IUS Contract is planned to transition all services to the F-IUS provider(s) efficiently and in accordance with the transition and migration plan in line with new contract(s) being awarded. The Authority anticipates first service transition no earlier than 2023 and the last service transition anticipated to complete by Q4 2025.

The Future IUS Services are intended to;

  • Ensure continuation of services from IUS to the F-IUS provider(s).
  • Drive innovation into the programme in order to take advantage of technological and economic developments within the F-IUS service area.
  • Proactively manage obsolescence throughout the life of the contract and for the F-IUS provider(s) to support The Authority in managing any inherited obsolescence or in-flight changes.
  • Integrate F-IUS Service Management tools & processes into MOD Operational Service Management (OSM) function and provide adequate interface(s) with Defence Cyber support & monitor systems Operational Support Systems (OSS).
  • Provide a Business Support System (BSS) that enables stakeholders’ access to procure, change, track & manage the F-IUS contract & services.



Industry Day

The Industry Day will be a virtual event and will be held on 19th October 2021 (from 10am to 11.30am), through Microsoft Teams, supported by techUK, and will be held at OFFICIAL.  All attendees must comply with the Conditions for Participation, which will be sent following expression of interest.

F-IUS is critical to the Authority’s future operational effectiveness and cyber defensive capability, it is the intention to adopt a much more collaborative approach to Industry engagement.  We are therefore seeking advice from Industry for potential options for future procurements, and Industry are encouraged to suggest alternative and innovative approaches that may meet the requirements of the Authority. 

If you are interested in participating in this exciting and innovative Industry Day, and working with the Authority to evolve our thinking, please join us for the event.

You must not take this announcement as confirmation that the Authority shall award a contract for this requirement. The Authority is publishing this announcement without any commitment to issue a tender or place a contract. The Authority also reserves the right to vary or cancel the Industry Day at any time. Accordingly, any expenditure, work or effort undertaken before contract award is a matter solely for the commercial judgement of potential suppliers. Announcements may also be published on the Defence Sourcing Portal, Contracts Finder, or the Find a Tender service, as appropriate.

Contact Details:
To book your ticket please contact the MOD: F-IUS Programme Team Mailbox: [email protected]

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Fred Sugden

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