A unique opportunity to hear from TMT leaders about the employment and IT landscape in Poland. This webinar will give companies an overview of internationalisation strategies and support available, as well as the chance to ask questions in our panel Q&A.

  • Date: 21 June 2023
  • Time: 11:00 to 12:00 (BST)

Poland has many key advantages, including location, a strong consumer base of around 40 million people, a robust economy, and access to a skilled yet inexpensive workforce. It’s also the tenth-largest economy in the European Union, making it an important and dynamic market perfectly located in the heart of Central Europe, with excellent connections and logistics. As a result, Poland presents a tempting opportunity for international investors, including UK businesses, looking to access the TMT market.

Join Santander for the second of three webinars on the Polish TMT market where they will be looking at some of the key aspects of employment and IT costs, as well as how to build a successful brand locally. In this webinar, they will be joined by experts from the DigitalPoland Foundation, Next Technology Professionals, and Grayling who will be using their years of experience to cover different aspects of the Polish Employment and IT Cost market, as well as internationalisation strategies more widely. This therefore presents the perfect opportunity to familiarise yourself with the TMT sector in Poland and learn how our providers can support you in your company’s expansion into the market. The webinar will cover:

  • The Polish talent pool.
  • Skills of Polish IT specialists.
  • The top five locations in Poland and the percentage of IT specialists in Poland.
  • The most popular programming languages among Polish IT specialists. 
  • Forms of employment - B2B vs CoE.
  • Salaries – junior, mid, senior, expert. • Preferred employee benefits.
  • Top factors when changing jobs.
  • UK companies that invest in Poland.
  • IT recruitment in Poland – a checklist.
  • 'Path to digital decade’ – EU policy programme.
  • Best way to reach potential candidates/employees in Poland and how to build an employer brand locally.
  • Market entry strategies and communications.

For the third webinar in the series, Santander will be talking in more detail about start-ups and capital internationalisation, so look out for that coming soon.

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