Throughout 2021, techUK is holding a series of events on the topic of digital ID, exploring the role this technology can play in tackling key challenges across society and the economy, and determining what more needs to be done to drive adoption as the UK economy begins to recover from the impact of the pandemic.

Last year techUK published its White Paper ‘Digital Identities: the missing link in the UK’s digital economy’ setting out areas where digital ID can enhance services and deliver a clear economic benefit, calling on Government to take action and recognise digital identities as a central component of the UK digital economy and the economic recovery.

During the pandemic, as more people relied on the internet for everyday tasks, the prevalence of online fraud spiked with cases of reported fraud rising by a third and reported consumer losses of £2.3bn. At the same time, the use of contactless technology and the provision of essential services online has also slowly become more widespread. Given these circumstances, there is a national imperative to ensure the adoption and promotion of safe and secure means of identity verification across society and the economy.

Digital identity verification systems can offer a number of benefits for safety and security, including enhanced levels of privacy and fraud management; improved protection of customer data against cyber threats; and the ability to provide a multi-layered, flexible response to rapidly evolving cybercrime.

In this session, as part of our Digital Identity Week, we will take a hard look at the data to understand what trends are developing in the market, the techniques favoured by identity fraudsters and the best ways for businesses to protect themselves against them. In addition, we will assess the available tools and techniques that can support in delivering assured digital identities in the UK.

The panel will discuss the unique potential of digital identity technologies in preventing fraud, what lessons can be learned from sectors that already utilise digital identities, and consider the critical steps that must be taken to ensure the use of these digital identities becomes more widespread.

The panel will be comprised of speakers from across industry including:

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