Join us at 11:00 on Thursday 9th June 2022 for the next live webinar in our 2022 Digital ID Event Series ‘Inclusion & Diversity in Digital ID’ – please register below:

Diversity and inclusion sit at the heart of digital growth. The tech sector understands that innovation thrives from diversity of thought and is continually looking to attract, recruit and retain a diverse workforce and this requires a change of mindset away from the more traditional criteria upon which people are judged to assess their suitability for roles.

As an industry and society, we must each of us take responsibility for our own internal bias and preconceptions to fully embrace diversity and inclusion in everything we do if we are to realise the benefits of a more balanced, representative and inclusive world and the tech industry is well placed to take the lead in this endeavour.

techUK believes that the cornerstone of a thriving digital economy lies with secure and efficient Digital Identity at its core, yet with more than 20% of the UK population having no physical passport and/or driving licence and the number of 'thin-file' or 'credit invisible' Citizens estimated at more than 5 million* my panel guests and I will be discussing how the Digital Identity industry can ensure that far more people are able to assert their identity online using digital credentials and that they are not excluded or adversely impacted as a result of their gender, race, sexual orientation or physical differences.

We will examine the importance of inclusion by design in areas like product development, how best industry can support those in positions of power within the industry to make the right choices on D&I and how both industry and government can work together to ensure that relevant regulation and industry best-practise accurately reflects the needs of everyone in society and not just the majority.

Panel Guests

  • Laura Barrowcliff – Head of Strategy & Customer Insight - GBG plc
  • Sian Williams – Director of Policy & Innovation – Toynbee Hall
  • Deborah O'Neill - Head of Digital Europe and Partner - Oliver Wyman 

More guests to be confirmed soon…