Every year, more elements of our daily lives are taking place online, from banking, healthcare, communication and public services. 

Key to this increasing digitisation is the ability to authenticate personal or business identity. 

But, as the need to verify identity has become greater, so too has the opportunity for exploitation, with the cost of cybercrime projected to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025.

Increasingly sophisticated presentation and injection attacks also seek to manipulate user identity.

A robust Identity verification service hasn’t become a luxury, but a necessity. 

Cyber security underpins the technology that will allow the UK to digitally transform, with Digital ID being a key tool to keeping you and your business secure. 

Join us to hear from cutting-edge experts how Digital Identity is a key enabler of Cyber Security, including:

🔓What ways are consumers and businesses currently vulnerable? 

⛔How can Digital Identity help keep critical information secure? 

👁️‍🗨️What innovative new methods are being used to verify identity and combat cybercrime? 

🛠 How can we implement these  solutions into current systems? 

🌎How does the UK compare internationally?