22 April 2021 9.30am – 10.50am Meeting

The main focus of this session will be social value requirements.

An agenda can be found below.

  1. Welcome & housekeeping | Fred Sugden 5 mins
  2. Introductions & overview of session | Robert Tindle/Ann Ibbotson 5 mins
  3. Update on Code of Collaboration and proposed way forward | Fred Sugden/Robert Tindle 10 mins
  4. Details and implications of new Social Value requirements, how it will be applied by Defence Digital in tenders and contracts | Defence Digital  followed by interactive discussion 45 mins
  5. Transformation/Organisation update | Defence Digital Commercial 20 mins
  6. AOB 5 mins
Fred Sugden

Fred Sugden

Programme Head, Defence, techUK

Sam Wyatt

Sam Wyatt

Programme Manager, Defence and Cyber Security, techUK

Charlie Wyatt

Programme Assistant, techUK