Following the Government’s consultation on Data: a new direction, the UK has the opportunity to design a data protection regime that could work better for citizens and businesses, all while keeping pace with innovation.

Reforming the data protection regime is a complex conversation, which should be open, balanced, and thorough. As we await the response to this consultation, techUK is holding an event to discuss how the Government should implement the new data protection regime.

In this panel discussion, techUK will be bringing together legislators, academics, and industry experts to discuss the following:

  • Why is reform to the UK’s data protection regime needed, and why now?
  • What are some of the opportunities that changes to the data protection regime could give to the UK’s economy, businesses, and citizens?
  • Are there any risks that these changes could pose to citizens, the sector, and the wider economy?
  • How should Government strike the right balance between the opportunities of the reforms and the risks? 

To register for this event, please log in and click the ‘Book’ button on the right. Joining details will be sent separately prior to the event and booking will close one hour before the event. If you have any issues with registration, please contact [email protected].