24 – 25 February 2021 10am – 10.10am Conference Online

As part of techUK’s continuous work on data strategies across sectors we are hosting a two-day virtual conference on data for intelligent infrastructure – energy, water, mobility, and transport.  

We will explore not only the sector specific solutions to drive optimisation through digital frameworks but also how are they interrelated within our infrastructure.   

This will be a future-focused session, exploring how digital technologies and abundant data could be used to drive economic prosperity and social benefit in the decade ahead. We will further examine data strategies for sustainability, and present practical examples.

Government has set out an ambitious, pro-growth strategy that drives the UK in building a world-leading data economy while ensuring public trust in data use.

Within the latest Government announcements, such as the Prime Minister’s 10-point plan, the Energy White Paper, the National Infrastructure Strategy, the Water Innovation Strategy, and the 6th Carbon Budget, we know that we must work together to build a world leading digital infrastructure and data plays a key role. Sector specific data strategies initiatives have also emerged such as the Energy Data Taskforce, Water Data Taskforce, and the Department for Transport Data Strategy.   

An overarching theme if discussion will be how we could utilise data assets and analytics to reach a net-zero economy. We will also further examine the impacts of the pandemic.

In the two days we will draw out the barriers and enablers for the sectors. Such as: digital infrastructure and data networks; edge computing to power connectivity and data processing; data ‘ownership’/responsibilities/sharing/access; data privacy and ethics, data, and cyber security; interoperability and the role of digital twins.


Day ONE 

10:00 – Welcome -  Teodora Kaneva, Programme Manager Smart Infrastructure and Systems (Energy, Water, and Transport), techUK

10:10 – Keynote Address - Alexandra BoltonExecutive Director – Centre for Digital Built Britain

10:25 - Panel Energy

Moderator: Rich Hampshire, Chair of techUK’s Smart Energy and Utilities Group


  • Gabrielle Barnard, Head of Information Management, SGN 
  • Joachim Brandt,  Head of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles, Gemserv Limited 
  • Dr. Richard Dobson, Practice Manager - Data Systems, Energy Systems Catapult 
  • Rhiannon Calado, Digital Transformation Manager, National Grid ESO


  • Innovation – scaling up and commercialisation of innovation through data strategies and optimisation.
  • Demand for EVs – developing strategies around electric vehicle energy solutions using data sharing and data infrastructure for managing supply and demand.
  • Investment – explore further the investment cycles and regulatory modification with data as a key asset. Address market barriers so that appropriate investment signals in a whole system context encourage optimal deployment of energy and network assets through data analytics.
  • Digital Twins - Utilise the strengths of Digital twin technology to allow for real time testing and development in a virtual environment without being in or out of market.
  • Vulnerability within consumers – how can data not only unlock new dynamic tariffs and offerings for consumers but also target and identify vulnerabilities?
  • Smart Connected Devices - Utilisation of data from smart connected devices is important not only for billing purposes, but also allowing consumers to be rewarded for providing access to their demand side response.

11:25 – Panel Water

Moderator: Dan Byles, Chief Commercial Officer, UnifAI Technology Ltd


  • Elysia Moor, Data Strategy, Anglian Water
  • Steve Kaye, Chief Executive Officer, UK Water Industry Research
  • Richard Rouse, Industry Solution Specialist, Microsoft Consulting
  • Andrew Iwanoczko, Head of Geo Information Marketing and Sales, Telespazio UK Ltd


  • Real time control and the role of digital twins – how can digitalisation and data could provide real time asset management?  Further to explore risk assessment and flooding real time data and preventative measures. What would it take to share data?
  • Innovation – the water sector has committed to net-zero by 2030. What does that mean in terms of innovation and scalability of digital infrastructure?
  • Investment cycles – the role that data plays in investment in current and future infrastructure, asset optimisation, and procurement.
  • Opening data and using new technology - Improving integration between government, regulators, and water companies to provide a gateway for innovation.
  • Water services – customer data and privacy concerns are crucial. The sector is examining new innovative tariff structures and joined up, cross sector billing to be Improved with the use and modelling of customer data to allow to better predict vulnerability, debt, and other service issues

12:30 – End

Day TWO 

10:00 – Welcome

10:10 - Panel Transport and Mobility

Moderator: Natalie Trainor, Chair of techUK’s Intelligent Mobility and Transport Group


  • Alex Rocataliata, OS&M Commercial ManagerHitachi Rail
  • Matthew Hudson, Head of Strategy TfL
  • Sam Freiberger, Associate Commercial Counsel, Google Waze 
  • Nick Reed, Founder, Reed Mobility
  • Michele Voznick, Legal Director, Pinsent Masons


  • MaaS solutions for integrated travel, what examples are there of crowdsourced data and data aggregation.
  • EVs and EV charging infrastructure - how data and data-based solutions have a role to play in understanding driver requirements, planning infrastructure, and the benefits of key stakeholders form data sharing.
  • Transport and logistics - how data and data-based solutions have a role to play in supporting decarbonisation in more efficient operations, and further exploring supply chain issues.
  • Data sharing for future mobility services – utilising data for demand responsive transport, and adaptation, especially in the pandemic.
  • Rail – asset optimisation, route planning, and preventative maintenance.
  • Investment and recovering investment for current and future assets – the role of digital in optimising asset utilisation in this new paradigm.

11:10 – Moderators' Discussion  

The moderators' discussion will be an opportunity for the chairs of each session to express their knowledge and opinion on the topics, as well as iterate the panel's key discussion points. This session will bring interesting insights on the different sectors data management techniques, enablers, and challenges. 

  • Energy
  • Water 
  • Mobility and Transport 

12:10 – Closing remarks

12:30 - End