Like most organisations, universities and colleges have been grappling with the issue of risk management and the need for increased awareness in cyber security for a while now. However, they face a unique challenge in that they are probably the only type of organisation that lets its ‘customers’ on its own network, with their own kit.

Over recent months there’s been a marked increase in ransomware attacks against education establishments, and several cyberattacks on higher education institutions have been the work of well-funded and persistent attackers. The sophisticated nature of attacks – particularly those after COVID research – means that universities and colleges must protect themselves with high levels of cyber hygiene and protection. Indeed, multi-factor authentication is now absolutely critical, and it’s imperative that universities segment their networks; thoroughly review the use of remote desktop services; and make sure things are backed up securely in a non-accessible place.

This webinar will bring together key stakeholders from the two sectors to share knowledge and best practice on the security challenges faced; and to look at how industry can help to ensure the UK education sector is resilient against cyber threats by helping establishments to improve their cyber security and their response to cyber incidents.

Key areas to explore will include:

  • The impact of ransomware on universities and colleges.
  • The impact of Covid, including changes to teaching, learning and research methods; and the implications for cyber security.
  • Determining and mitigating cyber risk.
  • Keeping up with digital changes to the business, for example, moving to the cloud.
  • Equipping all stakeholders with cyber security knowledge.
  • The intersection between student privacy and cyber security.
  • Proper record and information life cycle management as an enabler of cyber security.

Confirmed speakers for this event include:

Helen Patton, Advisory CISO at Cisco (& former CISO at Ohio State University)

Dan Wakefield, Policy Manager at Universities UK

Alex Pearce, Chief Technologist -  Education at Softcat

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Dan Patefield

Dan Patefield

Programme Head, Cyber and National Security, techUK

Charlie Wyatt

Programme Assistant, techUK

Jill Broom

Programme Manager, Cyber Security & Central Government, techUK

Freddie MacSwiney

Programme Manager - Defence & Cyber, techUK