For 11 years now, Richard Stephens, Chair of the Legal Affairs Group at techUK, has been giving an annual Update on Contract Law.

Now back as a face to face event after the pandemic, this event will bring you right up to date with the crucial developments in this area of the law over the last twelve months. Attended by both lawyers and non-lawyers in the IT industry, this essential update aims to be much more than a law lecture - Richard focuses on the key takeaway points for those involved in drafting or negotiating contracts. 

The precise content will depend to some extent on what judgments come out between now and the date of the event, but Richard will be looking at the following topics:

  • Liabilities - meaning of loss of profits and its different possible meanings in different contexts
  • Liabilities - how caps and exclusions apply, or do they apply at all, in the face of deliberate breaches?
  • Liquidated damages - a major Supreme Court case changes the law back after a controversial Court of Appeal case
  • Liquidated damages cases often come to be considered along with the cases on unenforceable penalties, and the courts have been wrestling with this principle again over the last year, not always with consistent results
  • Incorporation of terms - it is one thing to get terms drafted, but do they get incorporated into the final contract? what points can be learned from the latest cases to do with getting proper process in place?
  • The humble notification clause continues to attract the attention of the courts: why are these clauses so important, and what should you do about them in negotiations?

Time permitting, Richard will consider these and other vital updates, to make sure your drafting is up to date with the latest case-law and best practice.

It is now a sell out event, so early booking is recommended. 

Mr Richard Stephens

Mr Richard Stephens

Mr Richard Stephens

LORS - The Law Office of Richard Stephens

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