28 January 2021 (times tbc) Online

techUK’s Cloud computing programme is excited to partner with the Central Government programme to kick-off techUK’s Cloud Monthly Webinar series in 2021.

On 28 January, a panel of experts will be exploring ‘Adoption of cloud computing: Continuing innovation during crisis.’ Through bringing together leaders from higher education institutions, software providers, and cloud computing experts, we will showcase how the tech sector can proactively help shape adoption and innovation through cloud.

Why is cloud crucial for Higher education institutions?

Higher education institutions are currently facing unprecedented challenges, including  facilitating necessary support for student, staff, research and development activities. There is an increased demand for a mix of remote and on-site activities that still allows for flexibility and does not infringe access of educational resources. Cloud computing can help ameliorate the pressure placed on IT infrastructure during the pandemic and beyond.

This isn’t new: Higher education services have been transformed by cloud computing over recent years. Yet, this transformation still hindered by purchasing frameworks, unconsolidated markets and lack of awareness on the incredible power of cloud services in facilitating innovation and driving collaboration. Cloud can be a crucial tool for higher education, if continued cloud innovation is a priority.

This webinar will focus on bringing together cloud providers with higher education institutions to drive forward the adoption of cloud infrastructure in order to open access, innovation, and to build world leading educational facilities in the UK.

More specifically, this webinar will address:

  • What is the role that suppliers can play in delivering innovation in Higher Education.
  • Building models of adoption and proactively helping to shape opportunities by becoming part of the Higher Education community.
  • Coping with considerable financial constraint in the light of COVID-19.
  • Mitigating cyber security risks of cloud adoption, including segmenting networks and remote access.
  • Exploring different forms of adoption, including the role of hybrid cloud.

You can register for the event now. In the meantime, if you would be interested and would like to get involved in techUK’s cloud computing work please get in touch.