techUK is running a briefing session aimed at helping the energy and utilities sector (energy, water, gas) better understand what the digital phone switchover means for the industry.

The current analogue network (the PSTN – public switched telephone network) is fast approaching its end of life and communication providers are moving their customer base onto more future proof telephone services.

Phone lines will be upgraded to broadband lines and voice services using different protocols. This will impact a diverse range of services including traffic management, security and CCTV, and other special services which currently rely on PSTN.

At this session, we will hear from communication service providers and network operators on how best to prepare and understand potential impacts. The powering capabilities of the phone network will also see changes, with the phone line no longer offering a continued powering source - even during power outages.



14:00 - Introductions and Session Objective – techUK

  • Sarah Shepherd, Head of Digital Phone Switchover
  • Teodora Kaneva, Head of Smart Infrastructure and Systems

14:05 - Background and context to PSTN closure; Impact and potential use cases

  • David Christie, VMO2
  • Phil Laws, Openreach

14:30 - Role of Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

  • Gillis Holgersson Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

14:35 - Role of Ofcom

  • Elisa Pruvost, Ofcom

14:40 – Audience Q&A

14:55 – Next steps

15:00 – Close 


You can contact [email protected] or [email protected] if you have any questions.

Teodora Kaneva

Teodora Kaneva

Head of Smart Infrastructure and Systems, techUK

Sarah Shepherd

Head of All-IP Industry Liaison, techUK