Central to the mission of the Transatlantic Cyber Security Business Network (TCBN) is helping cyber organisations to navigate the important and complex bridge between the UK and US cyber markets. As such, TCBN's next event will bring together leading stakeholders who will provide insights into the US market and the opportunities available to organisations wanting to gain success in the US.

Juliette Wilcox, the UK's new cyber ambassador, will be discussing her role and the ways in which the Department for International Trade (DIT) will introduce initiatives to help UK cyber vendors engage with the US market. The TCBN members, and more broadly, the UK cyber market is full of interesting and unique organisations that have innovative technologies that contribute to a more secure world - Wilcox is therefore excited to meet all the members who attend the event and inform them of the ways government is looking to help them go global. 

Dino Boukouris is a Founding & Managing Director at Momentum Cyber, the premier strategic advisor to the cyber security industry. Boukouris has spent over 16 years in the technology industry with expertise in cyber security, finance, strategy, operations, venture capital and medical devices. Boukouris has been a speaker at cyber conferences internationally, including RSA Conference, Cybertech Tel Aviv, Structure Security, Global Cyberspace Coop Summit, as well as at numerous other events. His presentation will take a deep dive into the capital funding needed for cyber organisations to grow in our current market, as well as providing a key investor perspective on how organisations can navigate funding, mergers & acquisitions.

If you would like to attend this informative, in-person event, RSVP via email now to [email protected]