Artificial intelligence is enabling new applications that were previously considered science fiction. AI impacts nearly every industry across the globe, creating many different career opportunities. Come hear about the personal journeys of a panel of experts from five different industries (healthcare, automotive, augmented/virtual reality, climate/energy, and manufacturing) and discuss your questions with Nimmi Patel, Policy Manager at techUK, Joanna Davies, Senior Recruiter, EMEA, NVIDIA, and Sean McGuire, Higher Edu & Research Lead at NVIDIA.

If you'd like to explore a career in AI but don’t know where to begin, this is a great opportunity to learn and start building a foundation.

Watch a reply session of the session with:

  • Louis Stewart, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Developer Ecosystem, NVIDIA
  • Dr. Jay Lee, Ohio Eminent Scholar and Founding Director of Industrial AI Center at University of Cincinnati, Predictronics/University of Cincinnati
  • Chelsea Sumner, NALA Healthcare AI Startups Lead, NVIDIA
  • Laura Leal- Taixé Professor, Technical University Munich
  • Carrie Gotch, Creator and Content Strategy 3D/AR, Adobe
  • Justin Taylor, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence, Lockheed Martin

Followed by a panel discussion and begin developing your career path in AI during the most important technology transformation of our time. Register for free today.

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