Geospatial Commission - Disruptive Tech Researcher

We are living through an extraordinary period of technological evolution that is changing how we live, work and travel. Location technologies enable us to be on the cutting edge of innovation and are increasingly valuable tools for businesses, public-sector organisations, and individuals. Spatial applications give us new insight into our place in the world, from tracking a parcel, to our creation of a digital map of the pipes and cables that are buried underground.

DSIT Tech Secondees: 2 x Project/candidate specification

The Geospatial Commission is the policy team responsible for setting the UK Geospatial Strategy. Our aim is to unlock the significant economic, social and environmental opportunities offered by location data and maintain the UK’s global leadership in geospatial technology. Download the Secondees Specification document here.

Project overview:

Geospatial technology disruptors - we're in the process of establishing a Market Intelligence programme to help us develop/publish a UK government view on how evolving technologies (cloud; AI; quantum etc) may further disrupt the geospatial ecosystem.

The specific project can depend on the individuals specialist knowledge but could include:

  • How might (improving) edge computing most disrupt applications of location data and technology?
  • Can the principles behind LLMs be applied to non-textual data to, for example, train AI on the creation of detailed digital maps?
  • Privacy & utility: how can technology improve anonymisation of location tracking data, whilst maximising its usefulness? What are current and future methodologies in this space? PETs, federated privacy.

Candidate specification:

Knowledge/experience of new/disruptive technologies and/or understanding of geospatial technology/applications. Download the Secondees Specification document here.


Start as soon as possible for a duration of 3-12 months.


We would be happy to support full or part-time. This skillset might usefully inform a view of digital disruption in other policy areas too if we wanted to jointly assign a tech secondee.

Register your Interest:

Interested organisations should submit an expression of interest to both [email protected] and [email protected] or by clicking the button below.