Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation - Data/Technical Architect

This work would sit within the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI). The CDEI’s mission is to enable trustworthy and responsible innovation in both the public and private sector. The CDEI has significant expertise in this area, and is looking to develop tools, products and services that help other organisations apply this expertise in a straightforward and scalable way. We are looking for a secondee to help us develop these to enable widespread use across government.

Project overview:

We have two interlinked projects that where we would value a tech secondee contribution. Download the Secondees Specification document here.

CDEI has 2 projects in need of a tech secondee:

  1. Data Ethics Tickets: As part of CDEI’s work to develop products and services that will support the public sector to adopt technology responsibly, the first would be supporting the development of “data ethics tickets'' to fit into the agile development lifecycle. This intervention would aim to create ethical assessment points at project gateways. We would require a secondee - likely a data or tech architect - to support our understanding of how best to fit such tickets into the development lifecycle, where they foster the creation of robust assurance processes, without overburdening those involved. These tickets would provide actionable tools to enable members of a multidisciplinary development team to build in ethics into a project in a practical and effective way. 
  2. Dataset Cards: In the second part of this project, we would also be looking for a candidate to support us to design dataset cards (similar to model cards), which would provide a long term snapshot of the status of a linked dataset, covering issues around quality, completeness and provenance, and the considerations policy makers should make when using it. These cards will inform future policymakers on how data being used within a given project was collected, authorised for linking, linked etc, including information on any limitations.

    Anticipated outcomes are two templates for tickets/cards which are sufficiently generic to be able to be applied to data projects, and guidance on how data teams should fill them out. CDEI has the data ethics expertise, however we will need support from the secondee to understand how these interventions might be successfully released within the agile development or data linking lifecycle.

Candidate specification:

Data or Technical Architect ideally with user-centred design experience. Download the Secondees Specification document here.


3-6 months


A part-time arrangement is viable, as this would be providing support on a wider project. Depending on the length of the secondment, one or two days per week would suffice.

Register Your Interest:

Interested organisations should submit an expression of interest to both [email protected] and [email protected] or by clicking the button below.