Our validation service (also known as software testing) offers multiple levels of checks on the source code before it is placed in escrow, providing developers and users with an added level of guarantee.

Our source code testing service is provided by IntelliQA, a specialist consultancy that addresses the Quality Assurance challenges in the real-world. Their knowledge of system delivery combined with industrialised test automation is highly coveted by organisations across sectors and industries.

Source code validation levels

We provide several levels of source code validation to address different levels of business risk. Checks vary from simply making sure code is readable and virus free to conducting User testing and Business case testing.

Our packages:

Bronze source code validation

Bronze source code validation provides entry-level source code protection. It makes sure that the source placed in escrow:

  • Is accessible
  • Is readable
  • Are virus-free
  • Contains valid source code
  • Can be uncompressed (if compressed)
  • Is encrypted and associated encryption keys/passwords are correct
  • Include instructions explaining how to compile source files.
  • With bronze source code validation you'll receive a report that includes:
  • A summary of what's been placed in escrow
  • The results for each area described above
  • summary of how to build the software from the source code
  • Basic information about code quality and licence usage.

Silver source code validation

Silver source code validation includes basic verification of the software;  plus services to check the source code can be built into the software that the end-user needs. The report you receive will cover:

  • Software is:
    • Is readable;
    • Is virus free;
    • Is provided with the correct encryption keys and passwords;
    • Can be uncompressed if files are compressed;
    • Contains instructions to compile the source files; and
    • Contains source code.
  • What applications and tools are required to build the software
  • How the files produced during the build compare to the software itself
  • The steps to follow in order to install a working version of the software
  • The test results of the software's core functions
  • Analysis of how the software complies with its licence.

Gold source code validation

Gold source code validation includes Silver validation, plus services to replicate the build process as it would occur at the end user's site. As part of gold source code validation, we can create and retain a copy of the environment used to build and install the application.

The report you receive will cover:

  • Key differences between building the software in an independent environment and at the software user's premises
  • The exact process required to install a working version of the software at the user's premises
  • The results of user acceptance testing
  • Source code analysis to check maintainability, performance and security.

Platinum source code validation

Platinum source code validation includes Gold validation, plus very thorough analysis of the source code placed in escrow.
The report you receive will cover:

  • Licence compliance management analysis. This determines if code from other sources has been used and, if so, validates its ownership and usage
  • Code quality management analysis. This checks the code's quality against our coding standards databases
  • Code maintainability, sustainability, security and performance. A thorough analysis of these areas.

If you are interested in finding out more about our validation software testing services then please contact us with details of your enquiry and you will be contacted shortly to discuss.