19 Dec 2023
by Jacky Man

WRC Series: Unlocking the Potential: The Impact of WRC-23 on Wealth Management and Financial Services

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The upcoming World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-23) holds significant importance for a multitude of industries, including the realm of wealth management and financial services. The conference serves as a crucial platform where global decisions are made concerning the allocation and use of radio-frequency spectrum, a vital resource that underpins our modern communication infrastructure. In this essay, we will first explore the relevance of WRC-23 to the United Kingdom and delve into the importance of spectrum for financial services. Then, we will delve into how the conference impacts thefinancial and tech industry, empowering relationship managers (RMs) and facilitates portfolio management for end clients.

WRC-23 is set to address various agenda items that are of particular relevance to wealth management and financial services. One notable item is the exploration of additional spectrum for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT), including the much-anticipated deployment of 5G and the future 6G networks. These advancements promise enhanced connectivity, lower latency, and increased capacity, which could revolutionize financial services by enabling faster and more secure transactions, improved customer experiences, and seamless integration of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Radio-frequency spectrum plays a pivotal role in enabling seamless and secure communication networks, which are the lifeblood of the financial services sector. From high-frequency trading to secure data transmission, financial institutions heavily rely on efficient and reliable connectivity to conduct their operations. Spectrum enables the transmission of critical financial data, facilitates real-time transactions, and ensures the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information. As such, any developments or decisions made at WRC-23 regarding spectrum allocation will have a profound impact on the financial services landscape.

Another crucial agenda item is the harmonization of spectrum allocation on a global scale. This endeavor seeks to create greater compatibility and efficiency in spectrum usage across borders. Achieving harmonization would provide financial institutions with a standardized framework for international operations, reducing regulatory complexities and facilitating global connectivity. Moreover, it would foster interoperability between different systems and services, promoting innovation and collaboration within the financial sector.

Privé WM dedicates to empowering relationship management (RM) and client-end portfolio management, also shares the same vision with WRC-23: promotes interoperability and collaboration within the financial sector by technological advancement.

Decisions made at WRC willrevolutionize private banking portfolio management enabling seamless and efficient experience for RMs. By offering comprehensive modules across multiple asset classes, Privé WM's “plug-and-play” terminal enables RMs to construct and propose portfolios to their end clients in a matter of minutes. Through its proprietary data lake technology, known as "asset hub," the platform consolidates end-client information and empowers RMs to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The integration of innovative terminal technologies with existing bank infrastructures streamlines private banking operations, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency. These terminal's simplicity and ease-of-use allow RMs to introduce different strategies, business intelligence, and products seamlessly. This not only saves time but also opens immediate upsell opportunities for RMs, fostering revenue generation.

Furthermore, improved and reliable connectivity will facilitate the adoption of portfolio management by end clients. It aggregates customer data and integrates portfolio management, enabling RMs to better understand clients' requirements and preferences. This data-driven approach empowers RMs to offer personalized recommendations tailored to individual client needs, leading to increased engagement and upsell opportunities. The terminal's functionality also allows for the introduction of local and global financial products in real-time, providing true portfolio management services.

To conclude, connectivity enabled terminal technologies empowers RMs, facilitates portfolio management for end clients, and establishes a significant link with the work of WRC-23. By leveraging technology and streamlining private banking operations, new terminal technologies powered by better connectivity enhances efficiency, automates tasks, and ultimately contributes to a better overall customer experience. The developments and decisions made at WRC-23 regarding spectrum allocation align with Privé WM's goal of leveraging connectivity advancements to drive transformative change in the wealth management industry.

The outcomes from WRC-23 and prospectus for WRC-27 will be a key topic for the flagship UK SPF Future Spectrum Summit. Be part of the conversation and register here.


Jacky Man

Business Analyst, Prive WM