Work experience to apprenticeship

Dylan Morrison, Modern Apprentice & Senior Sales Assistant has written about his experiences going from work experience to apprentice at Dell Technologies.

In 2017 I was in the 4th year of school and I had no idea what career path that I wanted to pursue; I was offered work experience at Dell for one week and I took the placement to find out more about the company.

I spent the week working side by side the Global Sales Team and I discovered that I wanted to work in sales; I liked the variety in everyone’s day, everyone was in competition to be the best, but mostly the team I was with looked after the biggest companies in the world which was really interesting; everyone enjoyed their job and loved working for the company it was a really fun office to be in and that’s all you hear at Dell – It’s a great place to work!

When I had to pick my subjects for 5th year, there was an option for college where I decided to choose Business Skills as my course; Little did I know Dell would have been an option so as soon as I found that out I was determined to get myself a spot within their Foundation Apprenticeship programme; and that was when I was introduced to Varry McMenemy who has played an influential part in my time at Dell so far.

Starting the Foundation Apprenticeship and having the chance to work part time with a worldwide organisation was a simple decision and a great one for me; it’s led onto a full time position in Sales Support, and I will soon move to a junior Inside Sales Rep position with my own customers and my own target; I am going to have a career in sales!