16 Nov 2023

WiBLE, a sustainable shared mobility company promotes responsible mobility services to minimise the environmental impact.

An excerpt from WiMBLE for techUK's biometrics in Digital Identity.

The company was launched in 2018 in Madrid with the aim to offer a sustainable zero-emission mobility alternative in urban settings. With a fleet comprising 500 KIA Niro plug-in hybrids the company enables its over 270,000 users to book, open and drive any available car.  WiBLE is the first carsharing service to facilitate parking in the centre of Madrid, to save users’ time.

The Challenge

As the first few years of WiBLE’s existence coincided with the pandemic, the company focused on adapting to new business realities and evolving customer requirements. As a result, it introduced a new business model which brought cars to customers’ doors – a strategy that allowed Wible to recover quickly and return to business earlier than expected. In line with the new strategy, the company wanted to streamline its user onboarding processes to facilitate an easy and seamless shared mobility service. WiBLE was in search of a partner who could accurately and reliably verify and authenticate users and their ID documents in a frictionless manner.

The Solution

WiBLE incorporated Facephi’s biometric-based digital onboarding and authentication solutions to ensure new users are verified fast with a high level of accuracy. The solutions enable automatic document capture, remote user onboarding and authentication through selfies with passive liveness checks. To sign up for the WiBLE service, a user needs to download the app available with iOS or Android. Then the user needs to register an ID document and a driving license followed by a selfie. Facephi’s digital onboarding solution automatically captures all the information on the documents with real-time OCR. Passive Liveness determines whether the user is a live person, countering risks of synthetic fraud or spoofing attempts. A matching algorithm then compares the selfie to the photo on the ID document, validating that the user is the person who he/she claims to be. The verification process takes only a matter of seconds. Once the sign-up information is provided, the account is verified and activated automatically through the app within minutes. The user will receive a confirmation email once the WiBLE account has been activated. From that time on, the user can access the WiBLE app and start using the service.

The Results

With more than 2 million trips already, WiBLE is on a constant search to deliver the best possible solutions for users who want more flexible and greener mobility services. Since the implementation of Facephi’s biometric-based identity verification solutions, WiBLE has achieved a 40% reduction in user onboarding time. The company has also experienced a 50% drop in customer incident reports. WiBLE’s main reason for choosing Facephi was the company’s good experience with proof of life testing with Passive Liveness. WiBLE aims to go beyond just delivering a shared mobility service, encouraging its users to join the challenge of a new urban mobility. A single vehicle can cover the mobility needs of many people, contributing to the sustainability of cities and reducing their environmental pollution. WiBLE’s carsharing services offers them another possibility to use the car more efficiently