14 Sep 2023
by Jason Kay

Why Mercator Digital is poised to transform digital skills for the UK government and public sector

This is a significant move aimed at revolutionising digital training and skills development within UK government.

Mercator Digital, a leading UK digital consultancy, was recently awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Services (CSS) Digital & Legacy Application Services (DALAS) Framework – to provide Capability and Pipeline services through a comprehensive academy programme. This represents a crucial step towards bridging the digital skills gap, shifting away from legacy technologies. But perhaps more importantly, it signifies a commitment to building a workforce capable of driving the public sector into the digital age. The Civil Service Digital Skills Survey has reported that over 75% of civil servants would like to receive more digital skills training.

Reducing Reliance on Legacy Tech

The digital landscape is evolving at breakneck speed, leaving many organisations struggling to keep up. The public sector especially, has grappled with outdated technologies that hinder progress and innovation. Our Academy steps into this breach with a mission to equip both existing public sector workers and new recruits with the skills required to thrive in today's fast-paced digital world. Central to this partnership is a firm commitment to phasing out legacy technologies, which have long hindered efficiency, driven up maintenance costs, and exposed vulnerabilities. The Academy will empower public sector employees with the knowledge and tools to transition away from these outdated systems, welcoming in a new era of digital training and skills development.

Embracing the Future

The Academy's programmes will include strategic DevOps and Cloud training, covering high-demand areas such as Software Development, Agile, Digital Delivery, Pega, Microsoft Products, Open Source, Power Platform, SAP, Service Now, Kong, TOGAF architecture, and NICE, and that’s just the start. These programmes are not just about addressing current challenges; they're designed to future-proof the workforce. By focusing on modern technologies and digital best practices, the Academy aligns with the government's strategy for a more efficient and innovative public sector.

A Vision for the Future

This partnership isn't just business as usual; it's a call to action. It's about preparing the public sector for the digital challenges and opportunities of the future. It’s a shared vision to nurture talent and innovate. Initiatives like these will play a vital role in shaping a workforce that can thrive in the dynamic, digital age ahead - and at Mercator Digital, we’re thrilled to be part of that.

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About Mercator Digital

Mercator Digital is an award-winning digital consultancy, delivering end-to-end digital solutions to public and private sector organisations, worldwide. The company employs people in the UK, France, Singapore and the US, and has been ranked no.22 of the Best Places to Work UK. With nearly two decades of experience, Mercator Digital builds strong collaborative partnerships with its clients, delivering tailored solutions with meaningful outcomes. 


Jason Kay

Jason Kay

Chief Strategy Officer, Mercator Digital

Jason Kay is Chief Strategy Officer at Mercator Digital. With over 25 years of experience in digital transformation and technology, Jason’s expertise spans both public and private sector organisations. He has held a number of senior  leadership and executive roles within Central Government, Healthcare and Fintech.