04 Feb 2020

Why did I do an apprenticeship at Atos?

Guest Blog: Kyle Edwards, Apprentice Project Manager for Atos UK&I, looks back at his reasoning behind choosing an apprenticeship over a degree and why you should consider it too.

An apprenticeship is meaningful to me as this is the path I took after completing my A-Levels. For me during my first year at college, I initially wanted to go to University, but unsure what to study. However, after undertaking significant research I had the perfect match for me - an Apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships have a generic stereotype being ‘you do not get paid well.’ People easily become mistaken by the wage/salary rather than the opportunity that being an apprentice creates. An apprenticeship gives you the perfect combination of working, learning, studying, gaining a qualification and getting paid for doing all the previous. University is for those who want to learn, study and gain a degree. A job will provide opportunities to work and get paid. Apprenticeships put both University and a job together to ultimately provide an environment to best achieve our potential.

The question I ask myself now is – what led me down this route? The main reason for me was the fantastic opportunities that apprenticeships create. I read numerous success stories, and this gave me clarity during the time I did not know what the next step was for me. I cannot think of anything like an apprenticeship, as mentioned above the ability to gain a qualification and work is great. In my position now, I cannot emphasise enough how smoothly my apprenticeship is going. Even when I am handed over tasks that I do not initially understand, all of my colleagues have shown a willingness to help me out when I have any concerns.

As an apprentice, one key concept which was enforced on my apprentice intake was to ask questions! Whether they seem silly, stupid or pointless always ask; there is nothing worse than sitting there agreeing to something that you do not understand (and trust me I have been there - sitting back and just listening, but not knowing). I think to myself now, ‘Wow, my manager must find me so irritating, asking what this means or what that means’ but, we must remember everyone starts from somewhere!

I have been at Atos for almost five months and I am enjoying my job very much. When I first applied and went to the assessment centre; I cannot think of a time where I was more nervous than I was for this. As most individuals do, they worry, worry about what to expect? Worry about forgetting key evidence during the interview? When in reality, I have never felt so welcomed and so relaxed by the current employees at an assessment centre/interview or any event similar in the past. From this moment, I could tell how much Atos invested in the Talent Programme which made me realise what a great opportunity it would be to an Apprentice Project Manager for Atos. Atos offer fantastic communities that Graduates, Interns and Apprentices (GIAs) can all get involved in, along with a social at the end of each month.

So, what would I suggest should be taken away from this? One - If you are ever unsure on what is best for you – do some research, there are various sites created nowadays which have very useful information on. Two – do not be like how I was expecting the worse or sitting not knowing – always ask questions! And this cannot be emphasised enough. Finally, three – from my personal experience, apprenticeships are perfect for those who want to be able to continue to learn and study, while having the availability to put this into practice on a day to day basis.


Kyle Edwards, Apprentice Project Manager for Atos