08 Feb 2021

What I’ve learned as an Apprentice

Louis Field, Marketing Apprentice at Cloud Gateway reflects on his time as an apprentice at an award-winning tech start-up helping businesses to keep up with the pace of change in technology.

Deciding to enroll in an Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing was by far the greatest choice I could’ve made. It provided me with an incredible amount of knowledge in what I’ve come to understand is a valuable and core role in any business. A lot of people don’t realise just how much they can benefit from an Apprenticeship, and how the key skills and knowledge taught on their courses can equip them to progress in their desired area. So, as my time as an Apprentice comes to a close, I want to reflect on the benefits of picking this path.

Going into a tech based company was always going to provide hurdles for me to overcome, such as understanding the product which they sell, their branding, as well as the advanced marketing skills needed to succeed. At first I felt completely out of my depth but in order to get used to this new field and the company's style, I spent a lot of time researching heavily into Cloud Gateway and teaching myself about this new industry and company. This became key information I’d begin to retain that helped me achieve a full understanding of their role in the tech industry as a whole. As well as this, I was given brilliant opportunities to further my learning, through in-house training, online courses and qualifications, which have helped my wider knowledge in marketing, and especially digital marketing, grow massively.

I also learnt how to use a large variety of software and platforms that assist in the marketing role as part of my Apprenticeship, which gives me skills I can take forward into any company as my career develops. The support I received when learning a new system or software was fantastic! I’ve learnt such a wide array of skills with Cloud Gateway and I truly believe I’ve honed these skills and I’m excited at the prospect of taking them forward to new roles in the future.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK and affected everyone’s daily lives, it was safer for me to work from home, following government guidelines. However, despite this, through the support of my manager and co-workers I felt like I had people to turn to in the case of needing any help, assistance or guidance. The whole situation has taught me a huge amount about communicating with teams across the business remotely. I don’t believe I would be this confident in myself, or as technically strong, if it wasn’t for the support I received from my manager and colleagues.

An Apprenticeship paves the way for a future you control. With so many options and different roles, you can take the knowledge and skills you learn, and the valuable life lessons, and continue shaping yourself into the person you want to be.