22 Aug 2019

UK SPF publish principles for the release of 26 GHz 5G pioneer band

Following a request from government officials the UK SPF organised workshops and discussions with the aim of creating high level principles on the release of the third 5G pioneer band at 26 Gigahertz (GHz). This relates to an EECC requirement for 1 x GHz of that spectrum to be released by Spring 2020.

The documents reflect the views of those who contributed who included representatives from all four UK Mobile Network Operators, Samsung and Qualcomm, as well as others with an interest. They therefore represent a broad industry view around the issue.

The two documents are:

More work in this area needs to be done but for the moment the two main messages are:

  1. the need for Ofcom to release the 26 GHz band next year and
  2. to seize the opportunity to do so in line with your policy of promoting spectrum sharing innovation.

The report advances some particularly bold innovations that have the potential to make the UK a leader in 5G network data speeds beyond dense urban areas.