UK-Japan CEPA Business Guidance

The business guidance for the UK-Japan CEPA is now available and it covers key terms of trade and market access for importers and exporters under the CEPA.

The UK Government has now published the business guidance for the UK-Japan CEPA. You can access the full details here. This is a 'live' document, which will be updated with further details going forward.

The guidance covers key terms of trade and market access for importers and exporters under the CEPA and allows you to get a better understanding on how to maximise opportunities arising from UK-Japan CEPA. For instance, if you need to know what the tariff rate on your products will be to export to Japan, or which products benefit from new Rules of Origin (ROO) arrangements, or how the new TRQ arrangement for certain products work in practice, then the UK-Japan CEPA business huidance can provide you with useful details. 

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has prioritised key content to have available in advance of entry into force at the end of this year, as per table below. In summary this includes:

  • Tariff look-up tool: CHEG (Check how to Export Goods) and TWUK (Trading with the UK).
  • Rules of Origin look-up tool
  • Information on the Tariff Reduction Quotas Before Permit Scheme
  • Information on key Geographical Indications protected under the agreement
  • Support for SMEs via an ‘importing into the UK from Japan page’

The table below provides further details. 




  • Check How to Export Goods (CHEG)
  • Trading With The UK (TWUK)


  • How the CEPA TRQ scheme will operate
  • Summary and explanation of the Before Permit scheme
  • Import certificates
  • How quotas will be allocated and published by Japan


  • Origin declarations
  • EU Inputs and transit through third countries

Product testing, standards and regulations

  • Summary of areas covered by the CEPA.
  • Explainer of the MRA protocol.

Geographical Indications

  • The GIs covered under the agreement
  • Provide a link on future protection of new GIs

Support to SMEs

  • A link to TWUK page on importing into the UK from Japan. Will cover Customs, Procurement Notices, Tariff information and import taxes
  • Possible summary of key provision of CEPA relevant to SMEs.



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