UK and Japan sign Science, Technology, and Security Accord

On May 17th, The UK and Japan announced a significant bilateral partnership called the "Hiroshima Accord" focusing on economic, security, and technological collaboration. This comes ahead of the G7 summit held in Japan from Friday to Sunday

The UK recognises Japan's crucial role in the Indo-Pacific and their significance to the UK's security and prosperity, resulting in a rapidly growing relationship between the two countries. The accord will solidify this partnership by focusing on deepening collaboration in a few key areas, including: defence, trade, investment, science and technology, and joint efforts to address global challenges such as climate change. 

In terms of science and technology, a number of programs will be launched to support collaboration between the UK and Japan, ranging from talent exchanges of early career researchers to the development of clean technologies. The Accord includes a Semiconductors Partnership, aiming to strengthen research and development cooperation and skills exchange, bolster domestic sectors, and enhance supply chain resilience in the global semiconductor market. The Prime Minister has also announced that there will be a further £18bn of Japanese investment into the UK.

Under the accord, a new Cyber Partnership will be established, deepening UK-Japan cooperation in the field of cybersecurity. This includes Fujitsu UK joining the National Cyber Security Centre's Industry 100 initiative and the piloting of a Japan Cyber Security Fellowship to foster future cyber leaders. Additionally, a Renewable Energy Partnership will be unveiled, aimed at accelerating the adoption of clean energy in the UK, Japan, and other countries.

techUK is looking forward to working with our members, JEITA, and the UK and Japanese governments respectively to ensure that this agreement is operationalised successfully through techUK’s UK-Japan Tech Forum later this year.

If any members have questions or would like to discuss this Accord further, then please reach out to [email protected].

Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke

Policy Manager for International Policy and Trade, techUK