07 Apr 2023
by Carl Kirchhoff

The Role of a Trusted Network in Cross-Border Trade | #techUKDigitalTrade

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented disruptions to the global economy, particularly in the realm of cross-border trade. With travel restrictions and lockdowns hindering business interactions, enterprises faced immense challenges in establishing connections with partners and customers in foreign countries; #techUKDigitalTrade

Turnbull.app was founded in the middle of the COVID pandemic to overcome the challenges around the lack of a B2B network that delivers a meaningful return on investment. The vision behind Turnbull.app is the belief that all problems of the world - big or small  - can be solved collectively. The challenge is knowing who can help best to solve your problem. That is why we built an AI-driven algorithm to bring businesses and leaders together.

Our algorithm leverages mathematical and statistical techniques to forecast the likelihood of each recommendation resulting in a successful business outcome. It analyses metadata from Companies House, their authorised representatives, as well as their services and products, which are incorporated into the predictive models. Moreover, user interactions on the platform, such as searches, conversations, and engagements with recommendations, are also incorporated into the model. Turnbull.app ensures the security of all user data by hosting the entire platform on a private cloud.

In contrast to other networks, Turnbull.app is a company network where all companies are vetted and verified through the company's KYB (Know Your Business) technology, developed in partnership with Deloitte. In a cross-border environment, where trust is crucial, Turnbull.app can help businesses and organisations save resources, time, and money in identifying the most suitable partner, supplier, or customer.

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Carl Kirchhoff

Carl Kirchhoff

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Turnbull.app