31 May 2022

The Ministry of Defence Innovation fund launches to support Ukraine armed forces

The brightest minds in the UK Defence industry are being encouraged to continue developing more battle-winning ideas to help Ukraine.

What is it?

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) fund is worth at least £25million for the procurement of innovative solutions designed to support the defence of Ukraine. The Government believes drawing on UK expertise across the defence industry, including from innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, could provide battle-winning solutions for the Ukrainian forces. 

The MoD's priority is for proposals that can be delivered within the next 4 months. Ideas with fast initial delivery alongside longer term capability development are particularly welcomed. 

The requirements fall into four categories: 

  1. Artillery 
  2. Coastal Defence
  3. Military Logistics and Resupply 
  4. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

What is the timeframe? 

The Ukrainian requirement is urgent. Therefore, proposals from industry have a deadline of 10th June 2022. 

What is required?

The MoD do not need a full, complete business proposal that businesses might provide for a commercial tender, but the following would help them assess individual opportunities: 

  • Product description/potential use case(s) 
  • Technology Readiness Level 
  • Training requirements 
  • Spares/sustainability requirements 
  • Details of any extant contracts with DE&S/MoD (including contract reference and Delivery Team)

How will your proposals be used? 

All proposals will be triaged by UK MoD to assess feasibility to be taken forward. The appropriate procurement strategy and route to market will be developed for all selected proposals. This may be single source with the proposing vendor or if a competitive market exists, a wider competitive exercise. Suppliers submitting proposals deemed suitable for competing in the open market will, subject to pre-qualification, be invited to bid in any competition and any pre-existing intellectual property will be respected. Regrettably, due to resource constraints and the necessity to work at pace it won't be possible to provide feedback to those whose ideas are not taken forward. 

Please direct all proposals and enquiries to: [email protected]

Further details about each of the requirements can be found below:

Support to Ukraine Innovation Fund.pdf