05 Apr 2022

The Generational Divide

The Skills Network's latest report explores how each generation likes to learn – and more importantly, how they would like to learn in the future.

The Skills Network, an online learning and skills training provider, has gathered insights on how the four main generations; Baby Boomers (57-65 years), Gen X (41-56 years), Millennials (25-40 years), and Gen Z (9-24 years), currently learn, and how they would like to learn, given the choice.

Three big topics emerged from research including: the power of flexible learning, the role of social media and interactive learning, and understanding the role of digital in online learning.

The Generational Divide Report is based on the results from two surveys that took place in August 2021. 2,348 learners were surveyed from across The Skills Network’s UK database, and a OnePoll survey.

It is time for a change in education, because we now know that one size will never fit all. Learning must be tailored for every generation of learners to provide the most effective and accessible learning experience for all and to solve our UK skills shortage now.

Mark Dawe, CEO at The Skills Network said: “At the Skills Network we’re passionate about delivering an accessible learning experience to all people who wish to learn. We have spent years honing our content and resources, creating personalised training programs based on AI-driven technology which pinpoints a person’s skillset and skills gap. This comes from a passion for teaching, and the transformative power of education.

“In our continued commitment to this, The Generational Divide now showcases an insight into generational learning never before seen. Revealing the ways our learners need to learn, we hope this report will provide the knowledge for organisations and educators across the country to step up to the mark in the quality of their training and teaching, allowing individuals to gain access to learning that suits them best.”

Download The Generational Divide here.