20 Jun 2023

The Forensic Science Regulator’s Code of Practice 2023 | Tackling VAWG and RASSO Impact Days

What does regulation of working with communications and cell site data mean for me and my organisation? Forensic Analytics are pleased to present a white paper that serves as an initial guide for organisations and practitioners in navigating the Forensic Science Regulators Code of Practice 2023 (FSR CoP). This document holds relevance for those seeking to enhance their investigative responses when dealing with Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and Rape and Sexual Offences (RASSO), ultimately aiming to protect victims and bring offenders to justice. A White Paper submitted by Forensic Analytics for Tackling VAWG and RASSO Impact Days

Within the realm of VAWG and RASSO offences, the analysis of communications data and cell site analysis emerges as a crucial and reasonable line of inquiry. By leveraging available digital data, such as in cases of Stalking, Harassment, Rape, and Sexual Assaults, organisations and practitioners can maximise their ability to secure successful prosecutions against perpetrators while instilling confidence in victims regarding the efficacy of policing and the criminal justice system.

The importance of this approach has been underscored by recent initiatives like Op Atlas, implemented by the Metropolitan Police. Through the utilisation of appropriate software solutions and training, officers have been empowered to effectively gather and present communications data records, resulting in unprecedented successes on scale. This level of analytical support has proven especially impactful for cases that previously received limited support.

To ensure compliance with the FSR CoP and the production of evidential products, a key element is for organisations and practitioners to be competent, current, and proficient. Forensic Analytics stands at the forefront, offering software solutions, training, and professional services to facilitate this process. Given that officers and staff already receive extensive training in evidence and procedure, they are well-positioned to continue their vital work with the necessary competence and to move to achieve the necessary accreditation.

In summary, this white paper provides organisations and practitioners with guidance to navigate the FSR CoP, with a specific focus on enhancing investigative responses to VAWG and RASSO offences. By incorporating communications data and cell site analysis to an evidential standard, stakeholders can effectively combat these crimes while upholding the required levels of competence and compliance.

A link to the White Paper can be found here.