The beginning of a new, dynamic journey–a degree apprenticeship story

Wipro's Sebastian Aleksander Biegala, IT Consultancy Apprentice (Project Engineer) writes about his decision to do a degree apprenticeship and plans post-degree.

I always knew I wanted to be more than the society around me confined me to be - coming from an Eastern European working-class background, my career choices were extremely limited, with most of the people around me working in agriculture, mining and construction. Unlike my peers, I was fascinated by the ongoing technological evolution that began to affect the way we live, work and learn. The prospect of not being a part of a movement this powerful was something I refused to accept.

To break free from this career cap and begin looking beyond the horizon, I set my mind on getting an IT degree. As with all dreams, however, finance was a critical factor – the costs associated with getting a degree were (and still are) ridiculously high and I was unable to obtain a student loan or any financial support.

This is why I started looking for alternative routes, but none have resonated with me as much as a degree apprenticeship, which could facilitate the fulfillment of my ambitions. Wipro’s program, in particular, appealed to me due to the company’s diverse background and wide span of sectors, giving me a chance to enjoy a variety of work and maximize my learning potential. Although its financial benefits – free qualification and a generous salary - enabled me to continue my path and granted me a significant advantage over a conventional degree route, it was the experiences that were its most invaluable outcome.

Since I have joined I was able to live in and visit many locations all over the country. In addition to developing my core knowledge, every role challenged the way I think and act, shaping and improving the fundamental aspects of my character and personality. With every opportunity, I have been exposed to an array of diverse aspects of the business, including Sales, Project Management and Analytics. In each area, I worked on and completed tasks critical to the operation of the project and the wider business. The task diversity and importance has by far exceeded my expectations of the kind of work I would be doing as a young adult and has positively accelerated my career progression.

Essential to this journey were the Wiproites and other wonderful people I’ve met, whose support has helped me transition to the world of business with ease. I connected with many knowledgeable and inspirational characters, who provided me with expert-tier insights and information. Through networking and maintaining professional relationships, I have made many connections which I believe will help me navigate around this environment in the future.

I am hoping that by the end of this program, I would have experienced all my areas of interest and that I would be able to pursue my preferred path with the experience and qualifications I’d have attained. My ultimate goal is to engage in path that combines IT and business to help society through the public sector.

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