23 Apr 2021

techUK’s AI Week- Call for contributions!

Get involved in techUK's AI Week, taking place Monday 10-Friday 14 May

On Monday 10 May techUK will kick off its annual AI Week. Throughout the week members will have the opportunity to highlight their pioneering work in the field of AI and demonstrate their thought leadership on the subject.  

The UK is already a global leader in AI but to remain globally competitive we must keep pace. Earlier this year techUK welcomed Government’s announcement of a new National AI Strategy to be published later this year. This new strategy presents an opportunity for the UK to set a clear vision for the UK to remain at the forefront of the development and use of innovative, responsible and ethical AI.

Given this priority, we will centre this year’s AI week around some of the key pillars we expect to see in the National AI strategy. We are therefore looking for insights, case studies, videos and news from members and other key stakeholders highlighting their recent work and thoughts on some of the key areas that will need to be addressed in the upcoming National UK AI strategy.

Each day throughout the week we will focus on a different theme:

Monday- Skills and Diversity

On Monday we’ll focus on the importance of skills and diversity. How do we continue to plug the digital skills gap when it comes to AI and what steps are industry taking to build a resilient workforce in the face of change? We’d also like to hear what industry initiatives exist for encouraging diversity and some suggestions on how these could be scaled.

Tuesday- Data and Infrastructure

On Tuesday members will provide their thoughts on how the UK can ensure it’s one of the best places in the world to access and use safe, secure, and good quality data sets to develop new applications and models. We’d also welcome content on the UK’s current digital infrastructure, including views on what improvements are necessary to support the UK’s growing AI ecosystem.

Wednesday- Research, Development and Innovation  

On Wednesday contributors have the opportunity to demonstrate some of the latest pioneering AI research and innovation going on within their organisations, and comment on needs to be taken included in the upcoming National UK AI strategy to support the commercialisation of the world-leading research taking place here in the UK.

Thursday- National cross-sector adoption

On Thursday we’ll be discussing AI adoption across different sectors, including the industry leaders and laggards. Where are we currently seeing AI adoption expanding and what can other industries learn from those that are successfully adopting AI? In addition we’d like to explore how can we ensure the benefits of AI adoption are felt across the whole country.

Friday- Safe/ethical development of responsible AI

On Friday we’d like to hear about the steps organisations have been taking to operationalise digital ethics within their own AI processes and practices. We’ll be highlighting the most prominent ethical challenges faced by industry this year and some thoughts on what further action needs to happen and by whom.

If you are interested in taking part and submitting some content for techUK’s AI week, please get in touch with Katherine Holden and Zoe Brockbank by Wednesday 5 May. All blogs must be submitted under our contributor guidelines. Before the AI campaign week begins you can still get involved on Twitter: @techUK #AIweek.


Katherine Holden

Katherine Holden

Head of Data Analytics, AI and Digital ID, techUK

Katherine joined techUK in May 2018 and currently leads the Data Analytics, AI and Digital ID programme. 

Prior to techUK, Katherine worked as a Policy Advisor at the Government Digital Service (GDS) supporting the digital transformation of UK Government.

Whilst working at the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) Katherine led AMRC’s policy work on patient data, consent and opt-out.    

Katherine has a BSc degree in Biology from the University of Nottingham.

[email protected]
020 7331 2019

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