techUK members support for Ukraine

With the Ukraine Recovery Conference underway, techUK has put together a statement outlining the various ways in which our members have supported Ukraine following the Russian invasion in February 2022

techUK and our sister organisation IT Ukraine Association, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding at Plexal Stratford outlining how our two organisations will assist each other, including collaboration under the umbrella of the recently announced UK-Ukraine Tech Bridge. 

Tech support for Ukraine since the beginning of the war 

techUK members have assisted Ukraine in: maintaining and repairing critical infrastructure, supporting the education system through video sharing licensing, providing cloud-based solutions for healthcare services, setting up contact centres for Ukrainian refugees, as well as cooperation on healthtech, fintech, energy tech, and drones. techUK and our members are dedicated to assisting Ukraine's tech sector in returning to its pre-war levels, thereby playing a crucial role in the country's overall reconstruction and recovery efforts. Any members of IT Ukraine are able to apply for a free two years of techUK membership. If companies are interested, they should reach out to [email protected]

Defence and critical infrastructure 

For example, techUK member Dataminr has given software to Ukraine on a trial, and then a commercial basis. Their software has use cases which include cybersecurity threat intelligence, and situational awareness for crisis and emergency management. Another techUK member, Improbable Defence has been working commercially in Ukraine through the UK Ministry of Defence. Leonardo has assisted Ukraine on a pro-bono and commercial basis, and Fortinet and Cisco have both contributed by offering significant cybersecurity support.  

Public services 

Zoom has been providing free access to its platform for all schools and colleges in Ukraine, while NEC Software has supported the police and security agencies with software assistance.  

Software-enabled support 

Platform service provider ServiceNow has helped set-up a regional contact centre for Ukrainian refugees, where they can access the support services for free. Ukrainian software company ELEKS has been assisting in fintech, cybersecurity, healthtech, energy systems, and drones. Software company Cisco has donated $8m in cash and $6.5m in products, and has worked with humanitarian organizations to ensure they stay connected and cyber-secure while operating in Ukraine.  

Services Accreditation and Skills  

The UK Service Accreditation body UKAS has offered the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU) training for their service accreditation assessors and guidance and support on operational issues. The Service Accreditation provider has also offered to help with the digitisation of NAAU.  

On skills, techUK members IBM, Cisco and Accenture have all played a key role. IBM is providing free online tech education to Ukrainians through IBM Skills Build, Cisco are using their Country Digital Acceleration Programme in neighbouring countries to support Ukrainian refugees accessing medical support and digital skills training. Accenture has partnered with The Adecco Group to assist Ukrainians looking for a new career, which has included provision of basic employment and digital skills training.  

Future Commitments  

In terms of future commitments, the UK tech sector is poised to continue its support for Ukraine, with many companies already making commitments. Zoom are planning to extend their current ed-tech partnership, healthcare provider Onorach are also aiming to enter new commercial agreements with hospitals in Ukraine. Defence company Improbable are already doing modelling and simulation to assess which tech solutions will be most effective in the post-war reconstruction. Leonardo are looking into augmenting the medium-term security and safety of their partners in Ukraine and Central Europe. Cybersecurity firm Fortinet are also looking into fast-tracking government interoperability and discussing how they can supply Capability Packages to Ukraine. Dataminr are also planning to further help with cybersecurity and software assistance for government organisations in Ukraine and Cisco are aiming to launch their Country Digital Acceleration programme in Ukraine, which will provide cybersecurity services, training, and digital infrastructure support. NEC Software are working with the Ukrainian Ministries of Finance and Internal Affairs on a software solutions project.  

With many of our members signing the Business Compact, techUK and our members are fully committed to continue supporting Ukraine via commercial and pro-bono means as well as through the UK-Ukraine Tech Bridge.  

You can access the full statement here. Members who have any questions or would like to contribute to techUK’s work on the Ukraine Recovery should reach out to [email protected].

Sabina Ciofu

Sabina Ciofu

Associate Director – International, techUK

Alice Campbell

Alice Campbell

Head of Public Affairs, techUK

Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke

Policy Manager for International Policy and Trade, techUK