Tech7 release joint statement ahead of meeting in Tokyo

As the Tech7 leaders gather in Tokyo this week for a meeting ahead of the G7 Digital Ministerial this weekend, a joint statement was released by the technology industry associations of the G7 countries and the EU

The informal group, set up in 2021 when the UK had the presidency of the G7, is formed of Bitkom from Germany, Numeum from France, Anitec-Assinform from Italy, JEITA from Japan, ITI from the United States, TECHNATION from Canada, DIGITALEUROPE on behalf of the European Union and techUK.

JEITA as the industry association of the country holding the current presidency of the G7 is the host for this year’s meeting in Tokyo, taking place tomorrow, 27 April.

techUK CEO, Julian David, is attending the meeting on behalf of techUK.

The joint statement covers a wide range of priorities that the industry bodies think the G7 digital ministers should prioritise to advance international cooperation on tech and digital. It is centred around 6 core objectives:

  • Facilitation of data flows to sustain and promote recovery of the international economy;
  • Utilization of digital technology in addressing global sustainability challenges such as climate change and the energy transition;
  • Global dissemination of human-centred AI principles;
  • Cyber security to secure trust;
  • Advancing connectivity for new digitalization opportunities for society (6G);
  • Proactive Cooperation to improve basic and advanced digital skills.

The full statement can be found here. If members have any questions, they can reach out to [email protected].

Sabina Ciofu

Sabina Ciofu

Associate Director – International, techUK