20 Jun 2023
by Claire Handy

Supporting Investigations through Digital and Data | Tackling VAWG and RASSO Impact Days

At Blue Lights Digital (BLD) we are using a bespoke built technological solution to support victims of VAWG/RASSO. Our response is titled Odyssey. A video submitted for Tackling VAWG and RASSO Impact Days by Claire Handy from Blue Lights Digital

Odyssey is a whole systems approach, not just a forensic product. Through Odyssey we have defined and refined clear workflow which ensures transparency, understanding of true agreement and most specifically the ability to selectively extract the data required as evidence. This ensures that the “digital strip search” remains a thing of the past. Only data relevant and pertinent to the case is targeted.

Odyssey automates evidential reports, statements and SFRs (streamlined forensic reports).

Odyssey’s deployment model ensures that best evidence is captured and secured at the earliest opportunity. This in turn enables a swifter outcome and minimises any possible delay in the immediate criminal justice process.

There are several real-world examples where the use of Odyssey has secured, not only immediate charging and remand decisions. But from a single victim interaction, and a simple remand file – convictions and meaningful sentences have been passed down to the perpetrators of crime.  This is bringing about justice for the victims, expedited CJ outcomes, removal of perpetrators for our society and creating an upturn in public confidence towards policing.

Watch the video here; 



Claire Handy

Claire Handy

Technical Solutions Manager, Blue Lights Digital