02 Aug 2023

Source Code Escrow: Key Considerations for Securing an Optimal Agreement to Suit Your Budget (Guest blog by Escrow London)

With source code escrow becoming more popular for business continuity, Evan Lever, CEO & Founder of Escrow London, delves into the key considerations to think about to enable your company to secure the best source code escrow agreement to suit your budget.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the uptake of software development and technology has surged to extraordinary levels. With this increased uptake, there also comes an increased pressure on these organisations to mitigate against risks involved when adopting new software services.

Source code escrow is now becoming a common practice for companies to protect themselves from potential software vendor failure and refers to the depositing of a software application’s source code with a trusted third-party source code escrow vendor. This ensures that in the event of certain unpredicted events, such as the software vendor going bust or failure to meet its contractual obligations, the source code can be released to the software user (beneficiary) ensuring business continuity.

However, while the benefits to source code escrow are clear, one question that Escrow London often comes across is: How much does source code escrow cost? Although setting up a source code escrow agreement and the costs associated with this differs depending on requirements, our article explores the key considerations to think about to enable your company to secure the best source code escrow agreement to suit your budget.

Ensuring a favourable source code escrow agreement at the right cost

When a company is seeking the best agreement for their source code escrow needs, there are several important factors to consider. By carefully evaluating these aspects, a company can make an informed decision and secure a favourable source code escrow arrangement for their budget. Here are some key considerations to look at:

  1. Reputation and Expertise of the Source Code Escrow Vendor: Choosing a reputable and experienced source code escrow vendor is crucial. Look for a source code escrow vendor with a solid track record in the industry and positive client references. Assess their expertise in handling source code escrow specifically, as this ensures they have the necessary knowledge and capabilities to meet your company's unique requirements.
  2. Source Code Escrow Agreement Terms and Conditions: Carefully review the terms and conditions of the source code escrow agreement. A reputable source code escrow vendor will be able to offer an array of source code verification services to mitigate risks with source code escrow arrangements as well as offering post release support. Flexibility of the  software escrow vendor to amendments within the escrow agreement is important to ensure that all eventualities most commonly towards release events are covered.
  3. Consolidation of Agreements: There may be a requirement for multiple agreements, this can sometimes add to costings with some source code escrow vendors. Find a source code escrow vendor that can provide creative solutions to consolidate multiple agreements under a master framework agreement (Multi Beneficiary Software Escrow Agreement) to save money.
  4. Long Term Contracts: Often source code escrow vendors will provide additional discounts for longer term agreements. For example, if a software licence agreement has a 3-year term, it is worth placing the source code escrow agreement under the same time frame to receive an additional discount.
  5. Cost Structure and Fees: Compare the cost structures and fees of different source code escrow vendors – it is surprising how much can be saved for a comparable service to what is being received today. Evaluate the upfront fees, recurring fees, and any additional charges for services such as code inspections, updates or release fees. Look for a source code escrow vendor who includes these fees within their standard package to avoid hidden costs.
  6. Security and Confidentiality Measures: Security is vital when it comes to source code escrow. Enquire about the source code escrow vendor's security measures for storing and protecting the deposited source code. Look for industry-standard certifications such as ISO27001 and ISO27017 for information storing and cloud security. Additionally, ensure that the source code escrow vendor can provide automated, safe and regular deposit updates and back-ups.
  7. Active Software Agreement Assessment: Work closely with the IT department team to identify if all the software agreements in place are still relevant. Often source code escrow agreements are put into place and forgotten about resulting in paying for an agreement on software that has reached end of life and is no longer being used

 By thoroughly assessing these factors, conducting due diligence, and seeking expert advice, a company can make an informed decision and secure the best deal for their source code escrow needs. Remember that the right source code escrow arrangement can provide peace of mind, avoid costly disputes and ensure the continuity of critical software applications.

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