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Slalom - Intelligent Resident Connection

Alastair Vetch, Client Service Partner, Slalom Public Sector, explores how the pursuit of the levelling-up agenda can be unlocked by taking a realtime data-led approach in this guest blog as part of the Digital Transformation in the Public Sector. #techUKDigitalPS


The post-pandemic recovery continues to dominate the minds of public service leaders, businesses, and residents. Both Central Government and Local Councils have sought to act quickly to focus on new, pressing realities for service delivery.

Our view is that achieving an Intelligent Connection between councils, residents and local businesses has never been more critical or more challenging under the current, severe resource constraints. Cloud, Chatbots, Robotics, Data Science, Internet of Things (IoT) and the data these technologies can provide has the potential to not only better inform us about specific points of interest but also help deliver services more efficiently. 

Most importantly better services lead to improved welfare and outcomes for residents, as outlined in the Government’s Levelling Up White Paper.


Local services support a wide range of resident needs and often requires a complex stakeholder and multi-agency environment to deliver effective outcomes. We are very aware that terms such as ‘digital transformation’ and ‘citizen-centred’ are easy to articulate in theory but harder to deliver in practice.

There is an opportunity now, to capitalise on the data and technology investments already made to integrate, and where appropriate automate services, like never before. We know from experience that data can help to better target those in need and deliver better, more cost-effective services. This requires a refreshed relationship between the Centre and Local Authorities, with greater clarity on responsibilities and improved collaboration.

For some, technology and automation helps address cost-saving requirements but for others, it’s the quality of connection to residents that is important and the ability to better respond to their needs.

We believe that unlocking the data that is largely already available is a great place to start.

Technology Waves

In our experience we see a few technology waves that various departments, health authorities and local councils have adopted:

Wave 1 


Greater speed and consistency of response between authorities and residents

Several councils have achieved improved levels of connection with residents by making investments in cloud platforms such as AWS, Google and Microsoft. They are using new channels and services such as Amazon Connect and Salesforce as opposed to existing, more expensive contact centre services. If local authorities are to capitalise on this initial wave of transformation, where to next?

Wave 2 


Improve insight on resident needs and drive proactive, improved responses 

The next transformation wave will allow for the improved analysis of data from both new and existing channels. This data can be mined by staff using data science models and inexpensive analytical tools mixed with the experience and intuition of staff to derive genuine, practical insights. With this increased insight what can be done on the ground? 

Wave 3 


Increase levels of integration across services, doing more on behalf of the resident

Wave Three sees Local Authorities able to deliver integrated, personalised services via resident case management and covering aspects such as health tracking, improved connection between education and child-welfare provision, and between job seekers and local employers. Increased use of process automation will be a key enabler. 

How do I get going?

We have learnt from a number of recent experiences both in the UK and overseas that the pursuit of Intelligent Connection cannot be delivered immediately; it is not cost-effective and nor can the business and wider stakeholder system cope with this degree of change. A more measured and iterative approach is required, captured in the diagram below:

exhibit 1.png

Figure 1: Slalom's Intelligent Resident Connection approach 


Data that is available today can be readily harnessed to help public sector leaders at all levels to better identify those in need, marshal resources and make changes to policy delivery in real-time. Intelligently connecting multiple parties with the citizen at the centre requires a more focused and personalised approach but the benefits in terms of improved personal and economic health are clear. 

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Alastair Vetech.jpeg

Alastair Vetch, Client Service Partner, Slalom is an experienced consultancy leader focusing on complex business transformation engagements with clients across multiple industry sectors. Alastair is accountable for building a strong network of senior client personnel, achieving outstanding service quality levels on engagements and supporting the development of client personnel, staff and IP.

His areas of expertise include operating model design, portfolio management and optimisation, definition and leadership of change programmes, sourcing and managing multiple suppliers, operational efficiency improvement and analysis of complex data to enable improved decision making. 

Having built his experience from a range of diverse engagements including; digital transformation, cost reduction, infrastructure and estate services transformation, organisation design, regulatory change, military systems delivery, SAP implementation and IT service outsourcing. Connect with Alastair, to learn more.

To learn more about Slalom, please visit their LinkedIn and Twitter.

To read more from #techUKDigitalPS Week, check out our landing page here.

You can also follow the campaign on techUK's Twitter and LinkedIn - #techUKDigitalPS.

On Tuesday 5 April, techUK was delighted to host the Cabinet Office and industry representatives for the launch event for the UK Government’s Digital, Data and Technology Sourcing Playbook which was published on 28 March 2022. The DDaT Sourcing Playbook sets out guidance – in one place – as to how digital projects and programmes are assessed, procured and delivered in central government departments, arms-length bodies and the wider public sector. Through the application of what is commercial best practice, the Playbook addresses 11 key policies and six cross-cutting priorities that will ensure government gets things right from the start when it comes to procurement.

You can watch the recording of the launch event in full here:

DDaT Playbook Launch Event

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