Respond, Adapt, Recover – Stories of how tech is delivering on the frontline

techUK publishes report outlining how businesses and people have responded and adapted during the pandemic using technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic is dominating the way individuals, organisations and governments function in 2020 – but how has the UK responded to the health crisis and its subsequent lockdowns?

The ‘Respond, Adapt, Recover – Stories of how tech is delivering on the frontline' report looks at how businesses and people have responded and adapted to the new normal we faced this year, and the steps necessary to recover going forward.

At techUK, we swiftly responded, as we were able to move our activity online efficiently. However, we recognise that while we had the capabilities for digitisation, many did not. This report looks at the way the tech industry can work with interested parties, such as businesses, communities and local authorities, to explore the challenges and requirements needed to respond, adapt and recover from the pandemic.

The key areas we analysed are:

  • Healthtech and social care
  • The digital transformation of communities
  • Working from home - securing new ways of working
  • Data’s role across the healthcare response

Although the ways each sector has responded vary, a common thread is the enhancement of technological innovation. The acceleration of digital solutions demanded by the pandemic have been compared to ‘healthcare’s online banking moment’. Community work, such Age UK’s free online IT courses, has meant some digitally-excluded individuals have been able to learn new skills and socialise while respecting social distancing rules. Working from home has become the new normal, with some companies potentially changing the way businesses operate in the long-term.

The main takeaway, as we have observed throughout 2020, is that we are facing a digital future. While the pre-existing digital infrastructures have succeeded in positively contributing to the adaption and response to the pandemic, it is clear that this is the first step towards an even more digital future.  

Technological innovation will thrive in the future – yet, we must ensure that everyone is prepared for this shift. As such, as we enter 2021, we are calling on the entire technology industry and government to recover and rebuild across all our nations and regions, building the future we need for our country to thrive.



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