15 Apr 2024
by Danielle Gauthier

Ransomware threats in manufacturing: Understanding the risks and common pitfalls

Guest blog by Danielle Gauthier, Senior Marketing Product Manager at Dragos #techUKOTSecurity

Manufacturing stands at the crossroads of innovation and risk. As operations become increasingly interconnected, the threat of ransomware looms larger, capable of halting production lines, compromising sensitive data about OT systems, and inflicting significant financial damage.  

Here is an easy-to-share infographic with data behind ransomware attacks against manufacturers and common pitfalls discovered through Dragos Professional Services engagements in 2023. For more information on the latest OT threat intelligence, vulnerabilities in industrial control systems, and defense mechanisms from the trenches download the free 2023 OT Cybersecurity Year in Review.

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techUK’s Operational Technology Security Impact Day 2024 #techUKOTSecurity

techUK’s Cyber Programme is delighted to be holding our first securing Operational Technology (OT) security impact day to showcase how cyber companies are helping organisations to secure their OT and navigate the convergence of IT/OT systems.

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Danielle Gauthier

Senior Marketing Product Manager, Dragos