PwC set to launch its latest report on blockchain

techUK member PwC will launch its latest guide to blockchain in October. Register to receive your copy.

On Tuesday 13 October PwC will launch its latest report on blockchain. Register your interest here to receive a copy.

How much do you know about one of the world's fastest growing technologies, blockchain? Do you want to know how blockchain may impact global employment by 2030 and how it could change businesses as we know it? Or perhaps you’d like to know what the potential implications blockchain will have on GDP in the next 10 years in the UK and beyond?

Our new report will provide you the answers to all of these questions, and more.

Blockchain technology has the potential to create significant value by carrying out a huge number of essential, practical tasks in a transparent and efficient way. We look at how blockchain's practical, everyday uses are creating an opportunity for organisations to deliver value by building trust and efficiency in their products and services.

Steve Davies, Partner - Blockchain Leader, PwC, said:

“Blockchain technology has the potential not only to provide the UK economy with a significant boost but also improve the way organisations operate. It’ll make processes faster and more effective and create greater trust and transparency around any transactions they carry out.”

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